Specialty Pet Services

WWYD-Robin-LM-pet-taxi-1Pet Taxi

When your pets need transportation look no further. Whether they need a visit to the groomer, a check-up at the vet, a play-date with their pals or taxi service to SFO or OAK airport, Who Walks Your Dog will be there to help. We transport your pet individually, and your pet rides safely in their own crate to their destination on time and stress free. We carry commercial vehicle insurance to keep your pets covered in the event of an accident. Plus we email you status updates once we pick them up, and they have reached their destination.

WWYD_JW_Cone_croppedAdminister Medications

We will administer medications and give sub-q injections as needed for most animals, and we have some tried and true methods that work with even the most stubborn pets.


If requested, we will bathe, blow dry and brush your dog while you’re away, so you come home to a clean and fresh smelling friend. We do not provide clipping or trimming, but can help with a trip to your favorite groomer for those services. We will use your provided bathing products or our natural based products.

Rates for Specialty Services

Administer Medications: Included in all basic services

Bathing: $20 and up

Pet Taxi: $20 and up

Feeding: Included in all basic services (using your pet food)

Home Delivery of Pet Products: $10 with basic services, otherwise $20 and up

Not-Quite Overnight

Includes 2-4 visits daily. Prices start at $20 per visit.

All visits include a handwritten report card and email/text updates.

Contact Us For Additional Rates and Specials

Rates are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply. Please discuss your pet’s specific needs at the initial free consultation.