Pet Care

home-18Kitty Play Time

Your feline friend needs exercise too. Cats enjoy chasing, stalking, hunting and pouncing and we will see that Kitty gets the play time she needs to keep active and healthy. If your cat likes a good brushing or just some lap time, we are here to give them all the attention they deserve.


We love the Bunnies. What wonderful little pets they are. Let us give them the care and attention they need. We will clean the hutch, provide food, fresh water, lap time, gentle pets and cuddling.

home-12Urban Chickens

Chickens have become very popular in urban settings, and we love them, too. The Hen House needs to be clean and sanitary, and chickens need fresh food and water daily. If your ladies are allowed in their yard, and need to go inside at night, we will provide twice daily visits, and egg collecting to see that they have fresh air and sunshine during the day, and a warm and cozy roost at night.


Horses are magical, magnificent and majestic pets. As a lifelong horse owner, and professional Thoroughbred groom, we are honored to care for your Equine Companion. Whether you need feeding, supplements, watering, blanketing, grooming or turn-out and exercise, Who Walks Your Dog is at your service.


Our fine, feathered friends are a favorite of ours, and boy can they be messy. Birds of all sizes can create quite the mess and need daily care, attention and love, too. We will feed, provide fresh water, clean the cage and provide gentle handling if requested.


Simple feeding is provided at no extra charge with all basic services. If you’re headed out of town, and need daily feedings, please contact us for rates.

Pocket Pets

Is there a mouse in your house? Or a pet Rat, a Gerbil, Hamster or Bearded Dragon? Who Walks Your Dog will give these little critters the love attention they crave. We will clean cages, refill food and water, and engage them in healthy play and gentle handling as requested.

Rates for Pet Services

Kitty Play Time

Visits are usually 30-40 minutes at $20-$25 per visit, for up to 3 kitties and include feeding, fresh water and scooping litter.

Birds/Rabbits/Pocket Pets

Most visits are 30-40 minutes at $20-$25 per visit, and include cleaning cages, feeding and fresh water. Multiple birds or outside rabbit hutches may require longer visits and additional fees apply.

Urban Chickens

Visits are 30-60 minutes per visit, and include egg collecting, hutch cleaning, waste removal, petting, feeding and fresh water. Call for pricing.


Basic feeding, blanketing and watering require a minimum of 30 minutes per visit. Full service visits that require grooming, mucking stalls, manure removal and exercising are at least 60 minutes and are charged by an hourly rate with a two-hour minimum. Call for pricing.

All visits include a handwritten report card and email/text updates.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Pets’ Needs

Rates are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply. Please discuss your pet’s specific needs at the initial free consultation.