Dog Walking Services, Dogs Off-Leash, Puppy Play

Dogs need daily walks and exercise for a healthy and happy life. A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog. We offer daily or weekly dog walking services, and home visits while you are traveling or staying late for work, on vacation or just need a quick weekend get-away. Whether you have one dog or a new puppy, or a small pack of furry friends, Who Walks Your Dog is here to help.

Dog Walking Services

Let’s go for a walk. Exercise is essential to the health and well-being of all dogs. Your dog will be walked one-on-one in your neighborhood. Or, if your dog prefers more canine interaction, we will provide trips to your favorite dog park for a good romp with your dogs best friends. We also offer individual and group walks on the many fire roads throughout Marin, around Petaluma, and the city of Sonoma, as well as Crissy Field in San Francisco. We hike with no more than three dogs at a time, to ensure the safety and control of all the dogs.

Dog Walking Services - Play TimeDog and Puppy Play Time

This is the one-on-one time we provide for every dog. Sometimes a potty break and a good game of fetch or tug-o-war in your backyard is all that your pet requires, or perhaps they just need a little indoor play time. We will provide your dog with invigorating and gentle play, cuddles and lots of love and kisses, too.

Puppy Care

A new puppy is a wonderful thing. Even though you would love to stay home all day and play with your new pal, you have to go to work sometime. That’s where we come in. Puppies need special attention to see that they are safe, stay out of trouble and get the exercise they need to burn off all that delightful puppy exuberance. We can help with basic training, leash manners and potty training, too. Please contact us for a helpful list of puppy classes.

Dogs Off-Leash

Whether time off-leash is at your favorite dog park, on the trail or at the beach, we can provide your canine kid the best off-leash experience around. If fido enjoys the company of other K-9’s, we take a maximum of three dogs on group hikes to ensure safety and control. We always provide fresh water, and cooling bandanas on hot days. Sometimes it’s too darn hot for rigorous off-leash play – those days are better spent splashing in a doggy pool or just taking a calm and easy walk around the neighborhood or at the park.

Basic Dog Training and ReinforcementBasic Training and Reinforcement

Sit, Stay, Down, Heel and Come are the foundation for a well mannered dog. If you need a little extra help with these basic commands, or require daily reinforcement to build on that foundation, we can help. We take special care to see that your dog behaves properly, and is a well-mannered member of your pack. We reinforce good on-leash dog walking behavior to make walking with your dog a more pleasant and happy experience.

Older Dogs

Let’s talk about getting older. As your dog ages, their exercise requirements, nutritional needs and potty breaks will change. Who Walks Your Dog is very familiar with the special needs of your elderly pets. We love working with older animals and will provide extra love and attention, administer medications and see that their special needs are met with love and kindness.

Not-Quite Overnight

The gentle alternative to kennels or boarding your pets.

Your pets are happiest in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar smells, favorite toys and comfy beds. We will pamper them with daily visits to your home, keeping your pet(s) safe, secure and stress free in their own surroundings. We will even tuck them in at night.

  • 2-4 daily visits to your home (30-60 minutes each visit) depending upon their needs
  • Feeding, treats, fresh water, necessary medications or special dietary requirements
  • Lots of playtime, companionship, belly rubs, brushing and bathing if requested
  • Potty and exercise walks for the dogs as requested
  • Litter box cleaning for the cats, cage cleaning for the birds, fish feeding and pocket-pet care if requested
  • We will bring in the daily mail and newspaper, rotate household lighting for security, put out the garbage, basic indoor/ outdoor plant watering, quick security check, all at no extra charge
  • Deliver pet food if requested
  • Daily Email reports keeps you updated on how everyone is doing

All of this gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for. A reliable and professional service that cares for your precious pets and property when you’re away.

Who Walks your Dog is licensed, bonded and insured giving you one less thing to worry about.

Rates for Basic Services

includes feeding (your pet food) and fresh water

15-20 minute doggy potty break in your enclosed back yard – $18 (up to 2 dogs, $3 per additional dog).

30 minute walk/visit – $20 for up to 2 dogs-$5 each additional dog-3 dog maximum

45 minute walk/visit- $30 for up to 2 dogs-$7 each additional dog-3 dog maximum

60 minute walk/visit – $35 for one dog-$10 each additional dog-3 dog maximum

60 minute dog park visit – $40 for one dog-$10 for each additional dog-3 dog maximum

90 minute off-leash trail/beach adventure – $60 for one dog-$12 each additional dog-3 dog maximum

Not-Quite Overnight

Includes 2-4 visits daily. Prices start at $20 per visit.

Overnight pet sitting in your home available on a limited basis. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

All visits include a handwritten report card and email/text updates.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Pets’ Needs

Rates are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply. Please discuss your pet’s specific needs at the initial free consultation.