The Team

Who Walks Your Dog is owned and operated by two Charleston County residents and pet lovers who have rescued all of their pets – Little Man, Janeway, and Rey.

Robin Adams Dog WalkerRobin Adams

President and CEO, Customer Service Director, Certified Professional Dog Walker, Pet First Aid & CPR

Favorite Pet: Dog

Special Skill: All dogs love me

Having lived in Marin Country for nearly 30 years, I longed to be closer to my family in Mt. Pleasant, SC. In January 2016, we relocated our thriving pet care services company to the East Coast where we hope to meet many more pet lovers and make lots of new furry friends. Our goal is to provide the best customer service, dog walking and pet sitting services in the greater Charleston, SC area.

I have had the pleasure of owning and caring for a menagerie of adopted dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, rabbits, horses, lizards, rats and hamsters. I have a special connection with all finned, furry, feathered and scaly pets, something I call “Animal Magic.” I will care for your animal companions like they were my own, providing healthy exercise, individualized attention, loving affection and peace of mind while you’re at work or away on vacation.

I have truly enjoyed a lifetime of animal companions and have worked extensively with dogs, cats and horses. My first pet was an all black cat named Zorro. He was a gift to my mom when I was born, and lived until I was 20 years old. I got my first dog, Scampi, a Dachshund-Poodle mix when I was just 5 years old. She was a fat little hound, a loyal and trusting friend that had her litter of puppies in my bed. From then on, I have never lived without the company of animals. I have had the great fortune of being the caregiver for everything from a pigeon I rescued from a canal, to a squirrel that was found drowning in a mud puddle (both of those wild pets were returned to the wild.) My experience includes caring for a kennel of 12 Borzoi (also known as Russian Wolfhounds), I spent time showing Saluki’s, grooming Thoroughbreds, leading trail rides, volunteering with Police Horses and caring for special needs pets that required insulin injections and oral medications. I am a certified professional dog walker (DogTec Dog Walking Academy) and pet first aid & CPR certified. I have completed Dr. Steel’s Horse-Care Course, and learned the art of barefoot trimming from Lynn Seely. By far, the most rewarding experiences with animals is having the privilege of adopting both dogs and cats. Including K-Mart the Pit Bull, Random-Dots the feisty gray tabby, Rosie a special needs Pug and now Little Man the Corgi mix, Janeway the gray tuxedo kitty and lastly Rey the Min-Pin Chihuahua.

These adopted kids have given me the greatest joy with their unconditional love and the trust they have in me. I could go on and on about my pets, but this is about you and your precious pets. That’s why I want to care for them like I have always cared for my own. So, let’s go for a walk.

Iza-LM-TeamIza Ellis

Vice President, COO, CFO, Marketing and Website Manager

Favorite Pet: Cat

Special Skill: Poop bag specialist

As a California native and longtime Marin County resident, I am excited for a new adventure in Mt. Pleasant, SC. You will likely find me walking my dog Little Man on Sullivan’s Island, or playing fetch in our local neighborhood parks.

I am the goddess of the back office, the mistress of details, with an eye for design, and a love of all things feline. My favorite kitty, Vollerella, was adopted from a friend who entered the Peace Corp. She ruled the house and caught the occasional mouse and was described as “delicate, yet fierce.” Our cat of the house now, is Janeway, a grey and white tuxedo named after the first female Star Trek captain. Janeway tolerates the company of Little Man and our smaller dog Rey as she would any of her unique crew and can be found on the bridge (her cat tree) or lounging in the sun most days.